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0 VMware Workstation Full Version Free Download with Crack

VMware Workstation Full Version Free Download with Crack


Download Vmware Workstation Full Version for Free.

VMware Workstation is a PC Virtualization software by which you can install multiple OS on your Windows or Linux system directly without multiple-boot. With VMware Workstation you can install different guest OS (like Windows XP, Windows 8, Red Hat OS e.t.c.) in your host operating system (like Ubuntu 11.10, Windows 7 etc.), which you are actually using currently.
VMware Workstation 10 has many features for running multiple OS simultaneously without any hassle.Some of its features are described below:

Easy Switching
you can easily switch b/w different Operating Systems and work on them simultaneously. You can also run Guest OS in widowed mode for easy handling.

VMware Workstation 10 supports easy file or data copy-past between different Operating Systems. Thus you can work simultaneously on Multi-Operating System.

Easy Rebooting
VMware Workstation 10 supports easy rebooting Guest OS on the Host with actually no rebooting the PC.

Cloud Support
VMware Workstation also supports installing several Cloud Operating System on your Computer.You can also access files (data) in a remote computer using VMware Cloud support.

Thus, VMware Workstation gives you fully functional guest Operating System with lots of great features.

What’s New In VMware Workstation 10?
The all new VMware Workstation 10 comes with a lots of features and some of them are given below:
Support For Latest Operating Systems

Now you can try out the latest OS directly on your Windows or Linux Computer very easily. Because this VMware Workstation 10 is optimized for all the newly launched Operating Systems, like Windows 8.1, Ubuntu 13.10, Red Hat, Fedora latest version and many Os.

Unity Mode

you can run the applications of different OS directly on your host computer & work side-by-side.

Latest Graphical Processing Unit Support

VMware Workstation 10 provides you ultimate Graphical Processing Unit rendering on your Guest Operating System without any requirement to installing the GPU drivers on it. So you can run the latest Games and 3D applications such as AutoCAD 2015 with quality GPU rendering on your guest Operating System.

Minimum System Requirements

Processor: Intel or AMD 1.3GHz Processor (x64/x86) with Virtualization supported
RAM: 2 GB (4 GB or above recommended)

HDD Space: 1.2 GB with extra space for host OS



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